Monday, 27 October 2014

Body and mind are supposed to be two different entities; however they are quite well connected when it comes to particular topics. This could be in case of the study of brain and its functions; the connection between the body movements or actions and the brain. Also when it comes to the sexual intimacy; there are several discoveries which illuminate the profound connection between these two elements.

Can we practise sexual intercourse only with the purpose of reproduction like animals? Or can we really keep our emotions aside and indulge into a physical relation to save ourselves from the bondage or any prospective annoyance which generally comes along with the emergence of a romantic relationship. We may call it friends with benefits kind of a relationship; these days it is found quite common and effortlessly adaptive way of satisfying oneself without worrying of the attachment issues.

This certainly depends on the desperation of our desires and the vulnerability of our needs. It might seem easier opting for this alternative in the hectic city life. But how many of us genuinely enjoy making love following it in this manner? Obviously each one of us has a different opinion and experience based on our perception. Nevertheless sometimes the mind does have true answers which we are afraid to confront. Settle for anything that comes your way; compromise so that you will get the physical pleasure or simply don’t consider any outcomes by believing that you might miss out on the opportunity! Aren’t we pushing the act of performing sex in the category of one of the routine chores of our lives? So that like many other easier ways of living with the advancement of technology; this too becomes the modified technique to carry out the “making love” task.

The true pleasure of making love is felt and enjoyed only when it connects two minds; we may rush for the extrinsic attractions; but they may not last till the time you would want them to! Choosing to be with someone can occur only when the two of you have something very exquisite and inevitable that connects you; allures you. The understanding of love making is way too different in such scenario; without the pressure of pleasing someone for the sake of it. Compatibility naturally develops the bond and so the pleasure of experiencing sex. The touch; feel; sensitivity; passion; excitement altogether make the complete fascinating experience!

The mind naturally follows the desires of the body and what we really fantasize and imagine while making love is not only limited to visually enjoying the act but deeply connected to our emotional needs which are transformed in the sacred form of physical intimacy. It’s divine; euphoric and sincerely admirable approach of sex; it gives the true justice to the real meaning of sexual intercourse. One can actually experience the phenomenal orgasm of mind; body and soul which stays with us forever; deep inside us; soothing every vein of our body; pleasing all the longing of our mind!

So it’s always worth waiting for this inexplicable pleasure rather than faking it and making it! Why follow the hurried, terrible path which mostly leads to disappointment; when we can still resist and be content and confident about waiting for the exclusive treat! 

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